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Parashoot's Key Features are outlined below...

New Features launched January

Better organisation of forms, access on the move and a face lift for the new year...

1. Update your forms on-location

We are in the age of mobile and what better way to improve what is already a great time-saving product than by letting you manage your forms while you're out on location. If the situation changes all you need to do is text our unique short-code and hey presto! The form is updated. Read more here.

2. Better signposting and form management

Creating risk assessment forms can be a tricky business and with Parashoot we wanted to make that process as simple and painfree as possible. We are constantly assessing how we can make the product faster, more user-friendly and generally as easy to use as possible. We have introduced status icons, helper flags and clearer labelling to make risk assessment even more seamless.

3. A face-lift for the new year

A relaunch wouldn't be a relaunch without a face lift. The whole site has undergone a subtle but very important redesign to make it easier on the way and easier to use. 

Parashoot's Key Features.

People often ask us to tell them a few key things about Parashoot…this would be our top six!

1. Significantly reduces the amount of prior knowledge needed

Completing a paper based risk assessment relies on the individual’s previous experience of being on shoots and knowing the potential hazards and possible controls. Through a simple six-step process users build up a list of risks and controls, selecting from over 120 different options, to ensure the shoot goes as smoothly and as safely as possible.

2. Manage your data

Every organisation has lots of ‘tacit’ information which everyone needs to know – but often its difficult to disseminate that information. Parashoot alerts people to organisations important information on a need to know basis. So for example your company may have a preferred person you use when hiring vehicles – you can flag that up, or you may not let shoots take place which involve firearms. What ever it is Parashoot will alert your team to it.

3. Manage the ‘sign off’ process

Often one of the most difficult things about doing a risk assessment is getting someone appropriate to sign it off. Parashoot allows you to identify a range of people in your organisation you trust to approve risk assessment forms. When a form is completed the user then elects the relevant person to send it to who can sign it off electronically where ever they are…which saves everyone the energy of coordinating diaries to meet!

4. An archive of useful information!

With Parashoot you will be able to produce comprehensive reports on your company’s production activity – the where, who and what of your shooting. This is particularly useful if a problem occurs on a shoot and you need to check that things were done to your organisation's usual high standards.

5. Safe, private, secure

Your organisations Parashoot account is password protected and safe from prying eyes. It uses Secure Socket Layer security (the same as online banks). You can also export the data at any time if you need it in another form (excel for example) or you are closing your Parashoot account.

6. Tailored to fit

You can customise Parashoot to work with your company’s preferred ways of working; with your preferred suppliers. If the hosted online solution doesn’t fit your needs, we can also create a bespoke version for you to host on your own organisation IT infrastructure. Contact us to discuss this.

Parashoot gets even better! Faster and sleeker version 2.0 launches January 25th. See Key Features page

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