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The Training

  1. Training video introduces a common risk assessment language, with interactive elements
  2. Customisable links to external sites can be added to provide further information
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The Dashboard

  1. Add your own site name
  2. Search for forms on your site
  3. Details your latest forms on the site
  4. Current status of forms, highlights outstanding activity
Picture of Parashoot's training page

The Form

  1. 6 Step form makes the process simple
  2. Help text to guide you through-out.
  3. Pre-determined hazards reduces the amount of prior knowledge needed
  4. If a hazard is not present you can add your own
  5. Adding who and level of risk meets the requirements of the health and safety executive
  6. Control text can be easily added/edited to suit any shoot
Picture of Parashoot's training page

The Archive

  1. Filtering functionality makes tracking down forms simple. Also the Site admin is able to oversee current activity on one simple screen
  2. Allows individual users to keep track of recent activity, and to update forms at a later date.
  3. Adding labels helps to manage and categorise forms.
  4. Advanced search box allows user to find forms quickly.
Picture of Parashoot's training page


  1. Automatically generated from information provided. The PDF is also printable so it can be handed to crew members
  2. Organise data into a clear format
  3. Gives each form a unique ID for reference purposes
Picture of Parashoot's training page

Parashoot gets even better! Faster and sleeker version 2.0 launches January 25th. See Key Features page

If you are a student please visit your institution's specific site. Please do NOT fill in the form above.